Rolling Stone Massage



"Great massage therapist, very professional, listens and adjusts massage exactly to what I need. Always on time and never rushed. 5/5 stars!" -Gerry Kichok

"I miss you, Michelle! Your massages helped me to be able to walk barefoot again. I miss our conversations and the thoughtful individualized attention that you gave to my massage needs."  -Anita

"I miss Michelle! Her massages were amazing and life changing for me. I had horrible back pain for years, and Michelle helped me get the knots out that were making me miserable. She totally spoiled me, I have yet to find someone else who compares to Michelle's massages." -Jennifer K.

"You make me feel like a new person. Relieve pain and great TLC ❤️" -Pearl Rose

"Michelle is wonderful ladies...this is a steal! :) <3" -Jen V.

"She's AMAZING!! Highly recommended" -Merissa L.

"My husband and I were sad when Michelle moved from Kelowna! Her massages are AWESOME and very affordable. We loved the hot stones and the scented oils. Michelle is very friendly and professional and it was great having her come to our home for our massages. We highly recommend!" -Melissa S.

"I miss the massages I used to get from Michelle when she lived in Texas. Canada is too far away, but it might almost be worth the long flight."-Simone B.

"The best Massage I have ever received. She also came to me as I am a busy mother of five. She is incredibly detailed and professional!! Her hot stone massage is the best ever!!!"-Virginia K.

"With full disclosure I am Michelle's mother. I have moderate Rehumatoid Arthritis so I've been afraid of massage. Michelle accounted for my pain and gave a beautiful relaxing massage. I felt very relaxed and pain free after."-Gail O'Neil

"I am originally from Vancouver, but I became Michelle's client in Kelowna. Her massage is great. I prefer very firm pressure (for therapeutic reasons) and she is able to maintain constant pressure throughout my entire session every time I see her. She is fully adjustable if requested. She definitely knows what she's doing! Look forward to seeing her again when I come back to my hometown! Thanks again Michelle!" -Kerrina

"OMG I miss Michelle since she moved... she has such a friendly and pleasant demeanor so I was relaxed as soon as I walked in the door. I have a back injury that she was cautious about but she was able to work out a lot of the issues in the problem area so I can walk much better. She has crazy strong hands for a female and she is very responsive to making sure you enjoy the massage thoroughly. She even does The Hot Rock treatment if you ask for it and that helps your muscles relax even more. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs any type of massage because she is quite capable and intelligent." -Ginger J.

"Wish you were close enough for a house call!" -Jaya

It's hard for me to find a masseuse I want to go back to Michelle is worth going back to she knows what she's doing and was definitely worth return visits